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Helping you experience the world together

Cultivating memories through amazing travel experiences on land, sea, rail, and river.

Who we are...

Welcome to Coast and Crown Travel.  I am not sure if you found us through a friend's referral or if you just happened to stumble on our page.  No matter how you found us, we are happy you are here.

I am the owner of Coast and Crown Travel, and I help individuals, couples, families, and friends experience the destinations around the world in a way that best matches their travel styles.

I help remove the stress and frustration out of planning your trip and make sure that you have a vacation that leaves you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and reconnected.


Which type of trip are you looking to take?





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How I Can Help You-

  • I can save you hours in researching the best hotel, cruise line, and available experiences that best match your travel style to your desired budget.

  • I create a detailed itinerary for you that provides you with the level of adventure, relaxation, and cultural experiences that will create a once in a lifetime trip every time you travel with me.  

  • You will receive a personal trip app that will house information on all components of your trip.

  • I ensure that you have white-glove service and that all the details are handled from arrival to departure allowing you to relax from the start.


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