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Ocean cruising can be complex because never have there been more options when it comes to river cruising.  With so many lines and types of cruises, it is very important to work with an advisor who knows the types of cruises and the differences between the cruise lines.  So let's first look at the different types of ocean cruises.

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Expedition cruises are perfect for those who are looking for an educational experience of a lifetime.  There are tropical and arctic expeditions as well as a few scientific type expeditions out there.  Some expedition lines have luxury accomodations while others are more rustic. Most expedition cruises include excursions, fine dining, drinks, and wifi in the cost.  Many of the excursions focus on wildlife encounters, scientific studies and observations, and cultural or historic experiences.  These cruises are perfect for those who love adventure and who want to have impressive stories to share with their friends.

Luxury cruise lines are just that - luxurious.  They have spacious suite accommodations, fine gastronomic experiences, and have an array of educational and cultural experiences on board.  Luxury lines pride themselves on the amazing service they provide their clients. Staff are well trained to anticipate guests' needs.  These cruises range from country club casual to more formal in attire and are the perfect cruise line for those who want to come away feeling pampered and relaxed. Luxury cruises are usually all-inclusive, offer have flight credits, and have a more diverse selection of itineraries.  These cruises are perfect for those who are celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, or surviving 2020.

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The premium and mass market cruise lines are the ones that most people think of when cruising comes to mind.  These are larger ships that are more like resorts on the water.  Some of these may come with things like roller coasters, iMax theaters, trampoline parks, and rock climbing walls.  Water slides are common on mass market lines.  Premium lines are a blend between these resort-style ships and the smaller luxury ships.  They lack the roller coasters and slides but still have kids' clubs available with many on-board educational and fun activities.  It is important to know what you want out of your cruise with these lines because they each are very different.  These lines are perfect for families with children and those who don't mind waiting and paying extra for things like dining and drinks.  If you want to find out which cruise line best fits your wants and desires, schedule a consultation today!

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