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Life is either a beautiful adventure, or 


Family on Vacation

We know our children grow up far too quickly, but when you consider that we have only eighteen summers with our children and 936 weekends from birth to eighteen, it is sobering.  Time is the only resource that we can't get back once it is gone.  Spending time enjoying life and making memories with your children is something you will never regret!

At Coast and Crown, one thing I encourage (and help) families do is to build a family travel bucket list customized to your family!  This helps you prioritize what kind of trips you find important to experience with your family and how to help you finance those trips.  

Every family is unique and how they desire to travel is no different.  We all have things we love to do as a family and things that we deem important for our children to experience. Planning those experiences while being in the midst of raising children, working, and all the external demands on us oftentimes means those trips and experiences don't happen. Allow me to give you the ability to plan these trips for your family in a way that leaves you feeling relaxed and confident. These trips will become something you yearn for instead of something you dread.

Planning large group trips to Disney is what started my passion for travel planning!  As a result of those trips, Disney became my first love, and where I started my business..  I offer full-service planning for theme parks, Adventures by Disney, fully customized itineraries for international travel, all-inclusive resorts, and cruises.

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