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10 Best Excursions in Juneau

Welcome to Juneau, the capital city of Alaska! It is located on an island where there are no roads leading there making it completely inaccessible by car. It stretches forty-five miles from one end to the other; however more than 120 miles of hiking trails run through the city making her a hiker’s dream. Mendenhall Glacier, on of the most beautiful and easily accessed glaciers in the world is located on a vast ice field connected to the city of Juneau.

Juneau gives you the best opportunities to see glaciers and wildlife! A quick tip for spotting whales – look for a mist of water to spray up and birds to be diving down – when this happens, you will see a whale or dolphin pretty soon! Also, if you get some great fin and tail shots of your whale, you can find that whale in the Saddle Book! They keep records of the whales there by their tales and fins (they are like fingerprints and no two are the same!). Some may want to go dogsledding there in the morning and hop on a whale tour that afternoon, depending on the length of time you are in port.

Below is listed some of the excursions that are available in Juneau. The pricing is a *starting from* price – it is there to give you an idea of what you’ll spend on that type of excursion. If you see something you definitely want to do, contact me and we will get it arranged. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, let’s talk and see if I can find more of what you want to do!

Most recommended excursions:

1. Whale Watching Adventure - Heading out to Auke Bay gives you the opportunity to see whales in the wild. There are several different size boats to get you out there!

2. Mendenhall Glacier Tour Get ready for a glacier adventure you will never forget! This exclusive Juneau tour is where you will take a canoe and paddle over an iceberg-filled lake, walk on top of the Mendenhall Glacier, and explore it's deep blue glacial pools and crevasses. Every portion of this tour boasts stunning views and unforgettable environments. The exclusivity of this limited-capacity excursion provides an up-close experience with the glacier away from the crowds. Expect to pay about $340 per person

3. Nugget Falls – this is a quick 2-mile roundtrip hike around Mendenhall Lake where you will find a large beautiful waterfall that falls into a lake filled with icebergs. Begin at Photo Point Trail and walk around. Plan for rain here! But this one is free!

4. Mendenhall Glacier and Visitor Centre – Catch a ride over to Mendenhall Glacier and Visitor Centre where you can learn the history, geology, and geography of the Mendenhall Glacier. You can spend time walking over the various terrains and admire the beauty of the glacier. There is a very small cost to visit the Centre.

5. Kayak with Whales - Home to humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, porpoises, an array of bird species, and seals, the Channel Islands is a fantastic habitat for spotting an array of marine life! Your kayak guide and boat captain will facilitate this active natural history adventure, sharing their local knowledge of the area and seeking out the best wildlife viewing opportunities. Enjoy snacks featuring local Juneau foods onboard the boat throughout your adventure. Expect to pay about $408 per person

6. Whale Watching Adventure with King Crab Feast Juneau has a generous population of around 65 whales that roam the nutrient-rich waters looking for their seasonal feast. Your guides and captain are well-versed in locating the best locations for the Humpback whales. You'll be able to stand outside on the deck, take in the fresh air, and see whales breaching from a distance. The tour provides you with binoculars to enjoy during the tour for enhanced viewing pleasure. Expect to pay about $199 per person

7. Ziplining Adventures – if you’re feeling adventurous, you can see Alaska from the canopy of the Tongass Rainforest by experiencing 10 zip lines, 2 suspension bridges, and a 42’ abseil that returns you to earth! Once you return to the campground, you can look over your pictures and enjoy some refreshments! Expect to pay about $174 per person

8. River Rafting Start out with a narrated transport to Mendenhall Glacier, before you are geared up and jump into your raft. Then enjoy a 5-mile float down the Mendenhall River, where you can spot wildlife along the banks including eagles, arctic turns, goats, salmon and even bears. Your guide will steer you through 1 mile of class 3 rapids, or if you are looking for more of a challenge, you can opt-in for the paddle excursions! Expect to pay about $149 per person

9. Admiralty Island – With 1 brown bear for every 1 mile of land, you can likely spend some time spotting bears in their natural habitat. You will fly by floatplane to Admiralty Island where you will be dropped off in the wilderness. Sea Kayak around the coastline to get a good look at bears in their natural environment. You may need to save up for this one and you must book this early and get a permit to visit! This exclusive trip is pricey but amazing. Expect to pay about $850 per person

10. Pan for gold and enjoy a salmon bake - Once you arrive at the creek, your gold panning adventure begins. Your guide will detail the rich history of gold panning that first began in 1880 when Joe Juneau and Rich Harris successfully found gold. Next, you will be given a proper introduction to gold panning, before trying your hand at getting lucky yourself. Take home any gold that you find. The area is so plentiful, that we guarantee you will strike gold! After 45 minutes of panning for gold, make your way to the salmon bake for an all-you-can-eat Alaskan style buffet! At the salmon bake, you'll enjoy the signature Alderwood-grilled wild salmon, Cheechako chicken, Chilkoot baked beans, Tongass wild-rice pilaf, hot chowder, a selection of sides, salads and homemade blueberry cake for dessert. Expect to pay about $98 per person

Of course I can’t list every excursion in or around Juneau, so if you have an idea but don’t see it listed, be sure to call or message me! I will gladly help find what you’re looking for!

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