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All-Inclusive Resort or Cruise, Which One is Best?

I will start by saying that I absolutely love cruising. The ability to unpack once and visit multiple destinations makes me a happy girl! But with cruising not being a possibility for a while, many cruisers are wondering if an all-inclusive get away is for them.

I have cruised several times and it is still one of my favorite types of vacation. However, after a recent visit to Mexico, I am now also an all-inclusive girl. What are the benefits of an all-inclusive?

1. It helps you maintain a good budget. You can decide how much you want to spend, and outside of souveniers, tours, and excursions (and sometimes those can be included), you won't spend an excess of extra money.

2. It gives you more time to explore your destination (and the surrounding areas). If you're visiting Saint Lucia, getting from one side of the island may take more than an hour or two, so spending several days there gives you the chance to really get a feel for the island. In Cancun, it allows you time to visit the ruins, do some snorkeling, go to some parks, and even swing into Puerto Aventura, Tulum, or Holbox for some really amazing experiences.

3. Drinks are included! Smoothies, sodas, water, beer, cocktails, and even shots are included in what you paid. Want a better bottle of wine or sake? You may have to pay extra for premium brand liquors and wines, but there are many drinks included.

4. You can really experience a destination. The benefit to cruising (besides a floating resort)

is that you can visit and sometimes experience multiple destinations. The great thing about an all-inclusive resort is that you CAN really get to know a destination. You will have to leave the comforts of the resort and go into the city and country of where you are, eat local authentic foods, and meet the people of the area. The people are what make a destination so special, so getting to know them can be a wonderful part of your trip. There are some excursions and experiences we can plan where you may head into the home of a local to learn how to make specific dishes local to the region, and have lunch with them. The tour guide who is with you will make sure that you are safe and communication is clear.

5. Food! If you think that all-inclusive are just buffets of bland food, think again! Great all- inclusive resorts have great food! They have options of places and types of food to enjoy while you're there. Sometimes there are unique food choices that may require an additional cost, but most of the time, those meals are well worth the additional cost. If you love sushi, steak, or French cuisine, be sure to let your travel advisor know so that she can help you find the best all-inclusive to meet your needs!

6. Sometimes, an all-inclusive resort will include parks, tours, and excursions with the price. If you want to enjoy water sports, ATVs, and zip lining through the jungle, be sure to tell your advisor that you want everything included in the price. We can find resorts that includes those in the prices OR we can get those excursions booked and paid for prior to your trip, so that you aren't hit with unexpected costs.

Ready to try out an all-inclusive resort? Let's chat and help you get on. your way!

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