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Glacier Bay Highlights

Glacier Bay National Park encompasses 3.3 million acres and is located at the northern end of Alaska's panhandle. Glacier Bay comprises three climate zones from marine to Arctic and seven different ecosystems support a wide variety of plant and animal life. It is as diverse as any place found in Alaska.

During a cruise tour of Glacier Bay National Park, you will have ample time to view the impressive formations. You may even get the chance to see the glaciers calve (when huge chunks fall into the water) with a roaring that echoes all around. The ship will do a 360 degree turn in the waters to allow everyone a great view of the glaciers no matter where they are on the ship.

When you enter Glacier Bay National Park, park rangers will come aboard the ship to provide background information on the scenery, wildlife, and conservation efforts going on to protect the glaciers. The park rangers will be televised throughout the ship so if you're watching from your room, you can hear what they are saying.

While you're here, you may see more than just the glaciers. This is a wonderful spot to find whales, bald eagles, sea lions, and so much more. Be sure to have binoculars close by while you're cruising here.

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