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7 Things You Must do in Nassau if you Love Adventure

When you imagine a vacation in Nassau, most people imagine lying on white sands drinking fruity cocktails. But beatiful beaches isn't all Nassau offers. For those who prefer adrenaline-pumping vacations, here are some things for you to try in Nassau.

Nassau, Bahama
Nassau, Bahama

1. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling – Nassau and her nearby islands provide amazing opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling. Beautiful, colorful fish, sea turtles, and even more exciting animals like sharks thrive in the waters here. The shipwrecks and reefs create the perfect location for a diverse collection of fish making it perfect for snorkeling and diving. You can even swim out past the shipwrecks and explore the 200 foot wide Lost Blue Hole that dips down into the seafloor if you dare. If you've always wanted to scuba dive, but are landlocked in the US, don't worry. Some resorts will allow you to do your classes between the time you book and travel and will let you finish your certification there when you arrive.

2. Shark diving – If you want to go hang out with wild sharks, Nassau is your place! Nassau has a couple of ways for you to experience sharks, but they are one of very few places who offer you the opportunity to swim down and sit as reef sharks are feeding. This adventure is for extreme adventure-seeking couples, where you can go hang with Caribbean reef sharks giving you quite the adrenaline rush to start out your life together.

3. Atlantis Aquaventure – if you love waterparks and adventure, head over to Atlantis for some unforgettable waterpark experiences. You can ride the Leap of Faith and Serpent slide through the shark tank, ride the rapid river around, and explore the aquarium while you’re there.

4. Explore the Primeval Forest – Until the 1970's one of Nassau's primary industries was logging. The once evergreen tropical environment is mostly now gone, but this 7.5-acre reserve has remained undisturbed and is a small vision of what the island once was. Here you'll find many hardwood trees, plants, sinkholes, and there are even 50- foot long limestone caverns that will leave you in awe.

5. Take a powerboat ride – There are several tour companies that will take you out on a scenic boat ride on a high speed powerboat. You will see various islands, snorkel, and more. Most include lunch and drinks as well as fresh fruit snacks. This is a great way to tour around Nassau and see some of the smaller, private islands around there.

6. Compass Cay Shark Experience - If you want to hang with the sharks but are not dive certified, you can go to Compass Cay where you can hang out with the nurse sharks, swim at your own risk, but many love spending time with these 7-14 foot long marine animals.

7. Deep-Sea Fishing - Try your hand at bonefishing, fishing for wahoo, or billfish on a half-day adventure. You'll head out on a 48-foot boat where bait and tackle are provided to try your luck at the catch of a lifetime. Licenses and permits are handled by the tour companies.


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