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8 Tips for Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

So let me preface this by saying - it says honeymoon, but this relates to any "romantic" trip you are planning-a weekend getaway, anniversary trip, or vow renewal.

In your head, you've been thinking of this trip together for years (or even decades)! You've thought about what you'll wear, where you'll go, what you'll do. The visions of you in a white dress relaxing with your lover on the white sand having a candlelight dinner at sunset. Then you'll stroll hand in hand back to your suite where red rose petals sprinkled in a newly drawn bath awaits you.... but in reality if you don't plan correctly, you may end up sitting on this beautiful beach angrily eating your food while not speaking or even looking at each other because things didn't go as either of you had planned.

SO how do you plan this milestone trip without feelings of anger, resentment, and frustration taking over? Here are a few tips:

  1. Commit to a realistic Budget. Talking about money can be hard whether your newly engaged or have been married for 15 years. Money is the beginning of so many conflicts in marriage, don't let your honeymoon or anniversary trip fall victim to this. Sit down and get an idea of what you want your honeymoon to feel and look like and discuss the maximum amount you want to spend to be comfortable with your trip. Don't plan to spend more than both of you are comfortable spending. No one can relax and enjoy a trip while constantly being worried about the amount of money you're spending. If there is a conflict between budget and expectations, sit down together and prioritize what you both think is most important. Then call me, or your trusted travel advisor to see if there options that might get you the same activities, scenery, and similar accommodations at a lower price point. But keep your expectations realistic to what you want to spend.

  2. Passports - If you have them, go get them right now and look at the expiration dates. Make sure that they don't expire within 6 months of the date you plan to return from your trip. If you don't have them, apply as soon as you can. I recommend making all reservations in your maiden name in order to not complicate things. Check with your travel advisor to make sure that you will not need a visa for the country you are visiting.

  3. Don't over plan. It is your honeymoon. Plan some time to do nothing. I love visiting new countries and checking out what life there is really like, the activities you can do, and experience all the delicious food. And you can do a little of all of that and still plan on some downtime. Especially if you're traveling immediately after the wedding that you spent so much time preparing for.

  4. Inform your resort or hotel that you're celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary, or birthday. Many resorts will arrange special things for you when you are celebrating a milestone event with them. If you're using a travel advisor, make sure they know, and they will relay this to the hotel, resort, or cruiseline prior to your arrival.

  5. Include your spouse's hobbies and preferences when you plan. Do you love diving and he/she prefer golfing? Go somewhere you can do both. Do you prefer museums and he/she prefer amazing foodie ventures? Include that in the details you share with your planner! We love making both of your dreams come true! While I love my husband, I would be miserable spending 7 days on a golf tour of Scotland if the only thing planned was visiting golf courses and museums. I would need castles and exploring the highlands in there too!

  6. Plan ahead! Don't forget the honeymoon when planning your wedding. The earlier you start planning, the better the chance you have of securing that room you want, the excursion you have to do, and you can even save money sometimes by booking earlier! This also allows you to add your honemoon fund to your wedding registry!

  7. Purchase travel insurance - just in case things go wrong! Most insurance companies will not cover you if you are traveling outside the country, so be sure you're covered in case you get ill or have an accident while away.

  8. Understanding that something will go wrong at some point. You can't predict hurricanes (or a pandemic as we've recently experienced) when you begin planning. And when things happen, avoid placing blame on your significant other (even if it is their fault). And be quick to forgive and forget. We put so much pressure on ourselves and others during trips like this that it can make someone feel very pressured. If you can let go of the expectation of total perfection and focus on the person you love the most, the trip will be a success! You'll enjoy each other and your destination so much more.

Come back from your trip feeling much more relaxed, reconnected, and renewed.

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