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Five Reasons Antigua is Perfect for Lovers

Romance is defined as love; especially when sentimental or idealized. If you're looking for an ideal location to celebrate your love, there is not a more ideal location than Antigua - especially if it is relaxation you desire!

Antigua is home to 365 beaches - one for each day of the year! The island is 108 square miles, waiting for you to come and explore them! What makes Antigua such a romantic spot for your honeymoon, destination wedding, vow renewal, or anniversary celebration?

  1. While Antigua may feel like a million miles away, it is actually only about a 3 and a half hours flight from Miami, and many airlines such as Delta, American, and Jet Blue have frequent flights available.

  2. There is an air of elegance and classiness to Antigua that you don't always get in Caribbean destinations. The island lends itself to romance and relaxation, so you don't get much of the college party vibe there. If you're seeking a very active nightlife with wild parties and clubs, you won't find that here. There is nightlife, but it isn't quite like it was in your college days! The accommodations tend to be elegant with a modern, beach look. You'll find a lot of relaxing blues, grays, and white color schemes.

  3. With so many beaches, you can spend everyday doing nothing and not feel guilty! The water is gorgeous, so snorkeling and relaxing on the beach can be the perfect day.

  4. Want to do a bit more? You can do that too! Take a private yacht out, charter a sail boat, go on a small boat excursion and snorkel or dive! There are two great golf courses near St. John you can play, if that is more your style.

  5. The food is wonderful! From pizza, house-made hot sauce, Thai, Balinese, or more local flavors - there is something for everyone in Antigua. Feeling a bit extra? Have a romantic dinner on the beach!

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